Innovative Products & Solutions

       We are building in-house multiple products for different industries such as e-Commerce, Energy, Logistics & Supply Chain, Human Resources, Inventory, and social marketing. We are providing innovative solutions in an modern approach differs from traditional methods of deliveries. In order to achieve that we do detailed analysis by gathering information from the existing data models available in the market to enrich our business in global standards. We are official business partners with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and upcoming plans to collaborate with SimpleWebRTC, and What3Words for continual business to create an unique customer friendly environment. Using our online portal, customers can place orders on any kind of products from different goods and service categories through integrated modern features such as audio calls, video calls, chat window, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Text Messages, & other available social chat windows that can be customized to place an user friendly interactive environment. To govern the customer's orders traffics, we employ additional resources or collaborations with vendors and distributors every month from different areas and regions to understand the product methodologies and to normalize it from their region itself. And, To increase customer transactions through our business can be done from their regions itself globally, even they can create network traffic in our site. We do business 24/7 online deliveries for our everyday support, our resources can do their business support anywhere anytime globally. It helps to increase organization growth and wealth within a short duration, it also helps organization success to be in win-win situation on strategic revenue growth for our business partners, promotors, distributors, commercial vendors & customers. 

Our Business Road-Maps

               We are cloud-based service provider providing multiple business solutions for different target customers established from Chennai in the year 2018. The company has six verticals:
     1. "IT and ITES for SaaS, PaaS & IaaS products & services".
     2. "Research and development" in the energy sector.
     3. Electronic devices for aviation and investors.
     4. Digital marketing and social marketing for all types of businesses in eCommerce.
     5. Transportation services.
     6. Import & export rice, mushrooms, cereals, spices, and dry fruits.
                We offer a wide range of IT-related services starting with the initial setup and configuration of any type of virtual office environment, hardware and finishing with the installation of niche-specific software. 
                Have developed our own products, those are 3D printing, security devices for data communication, autonomous transport using drones or UAVs for eCommerce product deliveries, Pan India eCommerce business collaboration from different vendors from Panicha.In(Pan India Corporate Hosting Authority) portal, free energy metal mixture solution for power generation from available light sources, and the other is an AI-powered platform that leverages the strength of machine learning to drive insightful and engaging service experiences.Most of the revenue contribution is through our verticals. Our assets includes websites, licenses, Intellectual properties, laptops, client database, software, electronic devices, batteries, and drone motors.

          ​Currently, we have tied up with Amazon for warehousing and selling products online, also we are looking for collaborated long-term business customers. And others are nearly 300+ reliable customers available through social marketing. 
                It is a startup company, started researching and developing solutions from our research centre in a small space environment. It has research ideas for Go Green Environment for IoT based development solutions, AI, ML, AR/VR, Robotics, and other latest emerging technologies. 
                  It also extended their businesses in other manufacturing industries in Electronics, Aviation, Autonomous Transports, Solar, Energy to understand their business and the solution required for their businesses. It has a wonderful global solution in free energy to generate power from printed Ultra-thin film solar cell stickers and Metal mixtures solution that can applied to any surfaces to produce power. 
                  The company has registered through MCA in the year 2021, the management is actively participating in events, webinars organized from Startup India, Startup TN, ICC, and others. It has ISO 9001:2015 certified in IT&ITES from the year 2021 onwards. It has copyrighted and following universal coding standards in their development projects, videos, audios, and other confidential documents. 
                  It also involved in import and export industries with his brand name Panicha.In on Agricultural products, Garments, and Natural Stones originated from India. 
                  This year 2023, the organization has identified new space for their Manufacturing unit in Madurai, India.

About Us

CTTD EPEACE PRIVATE LIMITED is a newly start-up company situated in Chengalpattu TN India. We have planned to start this organization 5 years back, with lot of efforts & tough decisions came across in our roadmaps. Finally, we have decided to start our IT research centre in the year 2021. 
          We are providing IT business solutions for Small, Medium & large industries to increase their efficiencies, performance in the business. We are also designing our own product for logistics & supply chain management using AIM-LCD framework. We have designed an entity program for the customers that they can search any product anywhere globally from wherever they are.
          We have tied up our business from different vendors to bring our framework into picture for product deliveries & support business. We have our organization goals to fulfil our customers business target every year. Every day, we are heading into new era, to enrol our business into various markets. Our program use cases, framework structures, architectural designs are recommended to implement into their business to enrich their performance & efficiency in their markets.
          Our motto is to comply successful products to meet the customer satisfaction. We are very keen & committed to our customer requirements to be performed in time and feel customers happiness from our project deliveries.


           Our research team has desinged a framework for eCommerce business to have an optimal solutions for logistics & supply chain management. Robots will be introduced in the fields for the logistics business. We have choosen Self balanced robotic cycles and flying drones for implementing in logistics for deliveries. We are going to design this framework having magnetic theory concepts between a self balanced robotic cycles and a flying drones for the deliveries. This design helps automating, logistics business & supply chain management with minimal human interventions. 
           We are designing in such a way to carry (50 - 100) KG of goods from flying drones. A transmitter from the cycle will be transmitting the signal to flying drones & from flying drones to cycles as a paired devices to make sure that it won't lost in any circumstances. If the robotic cycle transmitter fails to receives the signals from the flying drone, It will send the location details to the support team to resolve it as soon as possible. 
           Flying drones get charged from chargables placed in the self balanced robotic cycles. The self balanced robotic cycles with have solar panel to save electricity, the same will be used to charge the flying drones. Our prototype, will be monitor by our support team 24/7 for the business continuity operations in the installed specific locations.
           AIM-LCD framework is in development phase, our team is working hard to bring this prototype into the logistics market. 


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Board Of Directors

Managing Director

Bhupesh Mohan

Proprietor, Founder&CEO, Managing Director

He is our Founder ​& Managing Director. He has played multiple critical roles in IT Sector. He is our Global Business Head in all our Business Platforms

Our Team Members


Sarantheep Sachena Santhanam

3D Graphics Designer

He is a core team member in our graphical designing team. He is playing critical roles in 3D Graphics designing and taking responsible to delivering to the customers in a safe and secure manner.
Our organization is looking for proactive resources like Sarantheep sachena, since he has understand company needs, organization growth policies, understand product project deliveries in a short span, which leads us to bring values to our company to reach certain heights.
We bless him to travel along with our success stories throughout his life time.

Business Partners

Our Partners are part of our family, They were involved in all business sectors. With the help of them, we have came across to this levels.


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